Days 9 & 10: A Nearo and a Zero

Date: April 18, 2017
Miles: 101.1 – 109.5

“I feel like our lives have been reduced to a bunch of small bags that all fit in one big bag.” ~ Strongback

We had a short walk from Barrel Springs in to Warner Springs today, and it was one of my favorite days so far.  The trail wandered through stands of giant trees and meadows of purple grasses that undulated in the wind like waves. 

We passed by the iconic Eagle Rock and spent a little time meeting other hikers that gathered there, like Spring Chicken and Dinner Party, a mom and daughter duo who are section hiking. Last year, Spring Chicken blew her knee out early on so they’re back this year to try again.


From there it was on in to Warner Springs.  There’s not much there, except a school, a fire hall, a country club and golf course, minute mart, post office, and most importantly for us, a resource center that provides hikers with showers, laundry, a small resupply store and camping, all for $5!  In spite of the spartan amenities, the bucket shower felt amazing.

A bunch of us filled the patio of the country club for dinner…it was amusing to see the difference between a bunch of worn looking hikers and the neatly dressed golfers. No one seemed to mind.  After the first dinner, a few of us headed over to the local school for second dinner at their taco fundraiser. We learned that the fundraiser was also the intro to their school board meeting so we got dinner and a show!

Date: April 19, 2017
Miles: 0

We took the whole day off in Warner Springs to rest up, charge electronics, eat more at the country club, and generally do very little. My body was grateful.  I was also able to buy some boxer briefs at the mobile gear shop parked by the resource center, which was so awesome because thigh chafe is for real, y’all. I can now wear my skirt again.

Dinner Party and Spring Chicken
The mobile gear shop. I need to steal this idea!
Hiker central.
The Resource Center, where fantastic volunteers cater to dirty hikers for no logical reason.

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  1. Please keep these coming. And here I am in Old Blighty, moaning about having to walk five minutes across the road to get a decent sammich from Mark’s & Spencer’s. Although this is giving me immense perspective, I’ll still moan about it.

  2. Warner Springs is a great little community. Friends of Bill meet there on Wed? We camp about 10 miles from at a Oak filled campground.
    Enjoy the adventure

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