Day 21: Makeshift Memorial Day

Date: April 30, 2017
Miles: 240 – 256.2

In my bedroom last night, the trees were my walls, the stars were my ceiling and the moon was my night light. Every time I woke up I saw them and fell asleep again with a smile on my face. There were no critters in my quilt and nothing ate my food, so I consider cowboy camping a success. 

Today we hiked on through the San Bernardino forest until Arrastre Camp, where we stayed the night along with about fifteen other people that rolled in. Outro (Matthew) was one of them and we were happy to see him again. 

Along the way we passed a depressing animal training facility with motionless tigers and bears pacing back and forth, hit the 250 mile mark, and found a dumpster in the woods with no trail magic in it. Only one black banana. 

Gringo, taking a rest on what I’m sure is a super clean couch.

During our post-dinner hot chocolate, Roi shared with us that the next day was going to be the Israeli equivalent of our Memorial Day. He told us that the meaning of the holiday changed for him when he lost friends in military conflicts and a cousin to a suicide bomber in Tel Aviv. They were all near his age – in their twenties. We ended the evening with a shared moment of silence for his friends and whomever else we were each thinking about.