Day 27: Misty Mountains & Golden Arches

Date: May 6, 2017
Miles: 328.1 – 341.9

“Don’t leave any town without an extra cheeseburger.” ~ Saunter

The weather I didn’t know was coming came in today.  We left Cleghorn under low-lying clouds and stayed under them all morning. 

It was eerie to walk under crackling transmission lines that disappeared into fog. 

And exciting to walk along ridge lines with the wind blowing my hat into the grasses and forcing me to lean into it in order to stay on the trail. 

Around noon, we reached what everyone had been talking about for the past couple days…the practically on-trail McDonald’s in Cajon Pass.  I had a breakfast meal, a Churger (a McChicken smushed in the middle of a McDouble), fries, a strawberry shake, and ordered two breakfast sandwiches to go. 

Katie’s Churger looked way better than mine.

Rain was predicted to start around 3 pm, so guess what time we ended up leaving McDonald’s?  Some people decided to get hotel rooms in Cajon Pass and wait out the weather, but we figured that, as people from wetter northern climes, we could handle it, right??

Yah. I can totally handle this.

We hiked another five miles in the wind and rain with cheeseburger shaped rocks in our stomachs and camped in Swarthout Canyon, hoping for a break in the morning. 

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great – keep up the good work. Sure do miss seeing that gorgeous smile, though – Gayle Aheren

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