Day 73: To Be Naked Or Not To Be Naked

Date: June 21, 2017 
Miles: 1221.5 – 1247.2 

 Happy Hike Naked Day! Or Happy Solstice! Whichever you prefer! We were a bunch of big talkers before today, saying that we were going to participate in Hike Naked Day. All of us chickened out this morning. It turned out to be a good thing as the trail is really overgrown in this section and bushwhacking and climbing over one giant fallen tree after another could have had dire consequences.

 In addition, we could have made the one other hiker that we saw all day very uncomfortable. So instead we hiked through this really hot and sultry day fully clothed, creating the worst smells that I have yet to encounter from my body and my clothes (a pungent mix of wet dog and homelessness), and causing the Israeli among us to actually break a real sweat. I swore when I left the Sierras that I would never say that I missed the freezing temperatures, but I ALMOST did just that today. Luckily for me, we were all agreed that we should do the miles necessary to reach the Middle Fork of the Feather River so we could bathe ourselves before we try to get a hitch in to Quincy tomorrow. The cool water made a dent in our filth, but I still feel sorry for whomever picks us up. 

2 Replies to “Day 73: To Be Naked Or Not To Be Naked”

  1. Thank you Jennifer. Those are beautiful pictures. I have only done almost thru to section C to mile 314 this year so far. I love your blog because I was challenged by my nefew to hike one mile naked. I could easily have done that in section C, which i hiked in late June. I only saw 3 PCT hikers so would have been perfect. Haha. No one to embarrass…altho the heat was so bad that i probablby would have been burned…i could have done a mile tho…next hike i will try, even if its 100 feet…anyway, thank you for the blog.

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