Day 82: Angels Extroardinaire

Date: June 30, 2017 
Miles: 1391 – 1407.2 

“You really look like a homeless person right now.” ~ Fluffy

We got up early and hiked to the Burney Mountain Guest Ranch, which is a nice place for hikers to stay, with a pool, a small store and good burgers. 

 Instead of paying to camp there, however, we got burgers and some ice cream, then called the trail angel that Jeanine had suggested, Michael. He picked us up and brought us in to the town of Burney so we could get resupply done (and get McDonald’s, of course), and we went on to his house to do laundry and get showers.  

They got free ice cream! I did not!

This is my homeless resupply look.

We spent the evening grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, playing with the dogs, and chatting with his super friendly family.  We all agreed that they are the best trail angels we’ve had the opportunity to stay with so far. We eventually went to sleep in the front yard to the sound of a classic rock cover band playing in town for Burney’s Fourth of July celebration, Basin Days. We hear there will be pancakes tomorrow!

Monster tented in the boat.

Mt. Shasta peeking out from behind a hill.

Fruit mixes and literature left by a local church.

Just a cool water utility building.

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  1. Hi Jenn — just catching up on your adventures — love it. I have been wondering what you would be feeling after so many days doing something so physical and intense — thanks for sharing some of those inner wonderings with us — it is magical to get those glimpses — hope your hikes are all good, safe and filled with angels — think about you often. Cathlamet goes on as usual. Much love, S

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