Day 93: Do Bears Like Protein Powder?

Date: July 11, 2017
Miles: 1597.3 – 1604.8 

I love my new tent.  I didn’t want to get out of it, but my stomach told me that I had to. After riding in to town for breakfast, I spent the day posting blog entries, riding in to town for food and ordering new socks and insoles. It’s amazing how those few things can fill up a day. Lionheart gave us a ride back to trail around 6:30 pm and we hiked out about 8 miles in much cooler weather than we had hiking in.  We passed into the Marble Mountain wilderness and watched smoke from the nearby fire linger in the valley below. 

We grabbed some water from Cub Spring and cowboy camped in an exposed area with the fading sunset giving way to the most star-laden sky I’ve seen yet.  Someday I will learn how to photograph the evening stars and skies.  

Sunset over wildfire smoke.

 It took me a while to fall asleep with the sound of deer wandering by our camp, making huffing sounds that I’ve never heard before. We guessed that we had camped on their wild animal trail, and that they were not pleased about it.  I was just glad that they were just deer and not bears that had been lured in by the smell of the chocolate protein powder that Fluffy had accidentally dumped next to our sleeping spots. 

Roi looking out over the Marbles.

Getting closer!