Day 106: The OST

Date: July 24, 2017
Miles: 1869.6 – 1904.1

I took the Oregon Skyline Trail alternate today to get directly to my next resupply spot, Shelter Cove. I stopped for lunch at Crescent Lake Campground and had a quick swim to take the edge off of the growing heat.  The campground is a popular place and it dawned on me that it now feels different being in a place with so many ‘regular’ people. I forget that they probably don’t want to see me picking my toes at the picnic table or hanging my underwear in a tree to dry. Transition back to regular life may be rough. 

Pretty nice swimming hole.

After lunch, I kept on through the Diamond Peak Wilderness for another 11 miles without a break because breaks right now mean significant mosquito-induced blood loss.

I made it to Shelter Cove, an RV park on Odell Lake with a decent restaurant and store, checked in with the boyfriend and the fam, picked up my resupply box (which I don’t need at all because I STILL haven’t figured out resupply and currently have enough food to make it to the northern border of Oregon), and camped next to an RV with a holographic head of Jesus in the window whose gaze follows you wherever you happen to be standing. Or sleeping.

He’s watching you.