Days 110 – 112: The Promised Land

Dates: July 28 – 30, 2017

We left Lava Camp in the early morning and got a quick hitch in to the quaint town of Sisters.  Naturally, the first thing we did was stop for breakfast.  We were dirty, but the maple syrup stuck to the wall of the diner made us feel like we fit in. 

After we stuffed ourselves, we headed back to the main drag to catch a ride the rest of the way to Bend, the town with all the foods, all the drinks, all the young, dirty, outdoorsy types among whom we could blend.  The town we had been talking about for miles. The promised land, where we could put our feet up and let our hair down.   We couldn’t wait to relax, but we had to get there first. We threw our thumbs out and waited…and waited…and finally, a sprinter van with Roi in the passenger seat drove by, circled the block and came back to pick us up.

Roi and Roy, our driver. Thank you, Roy!

The first stop was the post office. Fluffy was waiting for socks, which never arrived – as far as he knows, they’re still traveling around the US – but another package showed up. Since I am constantly asking him what time it is, he decided to get me the cheapest, ugliest watch he could find. But the joke was on him – I loved it.

The rest of the weekend, we ate, drank, floated, and only walked the minimally necessary steps to get to those things.

The crew at Crux.

Bend was exactly the break we needed.