Day 116: Sunrise, Sunset

Date: August 3, 2017
Miles: 2043.1 – 2073.2

Roi and Rodeo woke up at 2 am this morning to start their 50 mile day from Olallie to Timberline Lodge. The rest of us slept until the sun made an appearance and got ready for a normal day. I left most of my gear with Tim and slackpacked to Timothy Lake. It was glorious to hike all day without 30 pounds yanking on my shoulders. 

I started seeing southbound thru-hikers, and a few of them mentioned trail magic at a horse camp.  I took a detour onto the Joe Graham trail and found Fluffy, burgers, salads, cookies, beverages, horses and a dog that was as large as a pony and sloppily friendly.

JD soon joined us and we stuffed ourselves before heading on to Timothy Lake to camp. Tim fed us well, and the sun put on a show, setting the sky on fire before slipping away for the night.

Sunset at Timothy Lake.