Day 123 & 124: Trout Lake

Date: August 10 & 11, 2017
Miles: 2190.5 – 2233.5

This morning started in the lush green, quiet forest that reminds me of childhood camping trips, with a vintage glow from the rising sun through tree branches and the smell of dry evergreen incense.

We passed into the Indian Heaven Wilderness in the afternoon and took a short side trail to a campsite on the eastern shore of Steamboat Lake.

The next morning, we hiked out to Forest Road 23 to hitch a ride in to Trout Lake.

A huge hiker box, courtesy of the Trout Lake Abbey, a nearby Buddhist monastery.

It took a while to get a ride in.  While we were waiting to flag down a car headed in the right direction, a couple headed the other way stopped and gave us water, fruit and yogurt.  They asked us a bunch of questions about the trail and we had a lovely conversation.  After about 20 minutes, we caught a ride and made it in to town in time for breakfast.

We loitered in front of the grocery store for a good part of the day, sorting through our resupply boxes, startling regular customers with our disheveled appearances, and eating.

Taking a chance on a mystery powder from the hiker box.
Another method of hiker messaging.
This little guy helped us with our resupply. And by help, I mean he drooled on our boxes.

We grabbed a ride back to the trail from Gary, a retired forest service employee who spends his free time being a trail angel and ferrying dirty hikers all over the place. Without people like Gary, life would be much harder for us.

A couch in the truck bed! Genius.

We hiked about 7 miles through the Mt. Adams Wilderness and camped in an open area at the top of the hill we were climbing.

We had a beautiful view of the sunset on one side of us and Mt. Adams on the other.

We had the usual ramen dinners and then headed for our tents. There were a few dark clouds that appeared quickly, so we all battened down the hatches in case of rain. A few minutes later we heard Fluffy utter a couple profanities and then exclaim that he accidentally dropped 100 small sewing needles in his tent and could only find 21 of them. While I was laughing so hard I cried, a HUGE thunderstorm erupted to the south of us and we excitedly/nervously waited it out as rain poured down on us and the lightning and thunder passed over us and on out to the East and West. My heart was pounding. I love thunderstorms but I’m usually not IN them. Short bursts of lightning and faded rolls of thunder continued from the distance as I closed my eyes and went to sleep.