Day 126: The Goat Rocks Rock

Date: August 13, 2017
Miles: 2258.2 – 2282.2

“The adventure will not be in the witnessing of what’s around you, but in the doing of the day.” – Thunderfluff

Rain started around midnight and we woke up with soggy tents and packs.  It felt like one of those days in which we would have to be content with being wet. And that’s how it turned out. 

The sky was gray, the air was damp, and the misty drizzle soaked us through as we pushed through wet bushes and constant fog.

JD demonstrating how to ‘milk’ an Altra shoe.

We soon met up with Tim, who was out in the area to scout for an upcoming elk hunt.  He broke his camp down and joined us to hike for the rest of the day.

I had planned to be disappointed by fog-obscured views, but it ended up giving the landscape a mysterious beauty and didn’t detract from our experience at all.  We climbed up to Old Snowy, walked the high, narrow section of trail called the Knife’s Edge, crossed over Cispus Pass and Elks Pass, descended back down into the trees and found a somewhat soggy place to camp.  Another hiker named Tazer joined us and we talked about future vacations and places we would like to visit after this trek is over.

Caught with the rain pants down.

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  1. Looks beautiful, even in the clouds. Any idea the closest trailhead to explore on a day hike?

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