Day 143: Strollin’ With My Homies

Date: August 30, 2017
Miles: 2598.4 – 2619.5

We only had 21 miles to hike today in order to reach our planned destination, Hart’s Pass, and it was beyond lovely to be able to sleep in and then hike at a relaxed pace, take long breaks and enjoy scenery.  The next time I go backpacking, I’m hiking 10 miles or less, and I’m going to set up camp in one place for days. DAYS.

Today we crossed over Methow Pass and strolled through forest for most of the morning, then headed on up six miles past Glacier Pass to a campsite where we ate lunch.  Along the way we ran into Donna “L-Rod” Saufley, the owner of Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce, who is finishing her last section of the PCT this year. Go Donna!  After lunch, we did some ridge walking with full views of layers of mountains to the east and a giant plume of smoke rising out of the Diamond Creek fire to the north. We ended the day early at Hart’s Pass.