Day 148: It’s A Two Pass Kinda Day

Date: September 9, 2017
Miles: 802.6-827.4

This morning feels like it happened days ago. We got up earlier than usual to tackle Pinchot Pass first thing in the morning.

View North from Pinchot Pass.

After the Pass, we walked about ten miles through the Marjorie Lakes area, which was stunning.

Lake Marjorie.
Lake Marjorie.

We then climbed the steep north wall of Mather Pass as dark gray clouds started to curl over the edges of the adjacent peaks and swirl above us, threatening to storm as we reached the top of the Pass. We looked out over the mountains and valleys to the north and south of us and chatted with JMT hikers, then headed down the north face to find a place to have lunch.

Mather Pass.

A sprinkle of rain started as we were eating, and we put our rain gear on and continued north past the Palisades Lakes and creeks with waterfalls to the Golden Staircase. A few more miles later, we made camp near the Middle Fork of the Kings River.

Palisade Creek.

Fluffy, demonstrating how to navigate the Golden Staircase.