Day 153: Heaven Has You

Date: September 14, 2017
Miles: 881.1 – honestly, I don’t remember

“We’re in heaven right now.” ~ JMT Sobo hiker.

There is a point in the afternoon when the sun starts to head toward the horizon, and if you’re up on a ridge above tree line the rivers in the canyons are the same size as the sweat that trickles down your cheek and you feel like you’re walking out of your old life into a new one and you know that if you broke into a run and flung yourself from the trail into space you would fly.

You would be ok.

The wilderness would catch you and whisper, ‘you are wild and real and free.’  

Chief Lake.
View north from Silver Pass.

Chief Lake.
Again, Chief Lake.
Steel bridge over Fish Creek.

Purple Lake.


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