Day 156: Yosemite Valley Zero

Date: September 17, 2017
Miles: 0

I miss sleeping in so much. I also really miss my bed at home that has an actual mattress, a down comforter, a warm sleeping companion and a bathroom mere feet away. I had one of those things this morning…I stayed in my quilt until 7:30 am when the sun started infiltrating the trees and warming the air a bit. I got up, made some coffee and wandered down to the grill for some breakfast. A-Game showed up about an hour later – it was so great to see her again. I definitely miss her company.

A bus showed up at 10 am to take people down to Yosemite Valley, so we piled on and headed down to do laundry, shower and eat.  We had all of the elements of a typical zero day, but in an atypical place.  We did our laundry in the midst of towering granite peaks and tall waterfalls.  We ate lunch in the middle of hundreds of visitors and dozens of fat, well-fed squirrels.  JD forded Merced River with a pizza over his head in order to make it to the departing bus in time.  We wished we could have had more time to see the park, but it was a fun day regardless.

When you have to wash ALL of your clothes, you improvise.
Fording a river in the middle of a busy national park with a pizza makes total sense to a thru-hiker.