Day 168: Toward The End

Date: September 29, 2017
Miles: 1127.2 – 1153.8

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

I had a wistfully emotional day.  The gray, cloudy sky matched my mood – it too seemed wistful, but not sad, about the end of this trek.  I like to imagine that the dusky hills and valleys of the Granite Chief wilderness felt the same.  An aching, ‘I have to say goodbye for now, but maybe I will see you again’ kind of way.  Today was one of my favorites, scenery-wise.  I had beautifully expansive views from the ridges.  I briefly video chatted with Mom and Tim so I could share a few of my last moments with them from the trail and they could see what I was seeing.   Dead plants rustling like dry newspaper felt as final as my last full day on the trail, and a purple sunset lit up the trees and grasses.

The trail has become like a family member. Something I knew I would see every day.  Tomorrow I will drive away from it, but will always feel its presence, knowing that it will be waiting for the next round of intrepid sojourners to walk its narrow path and fall in love with every mile.


2 Replies to “Day 168: Toward The End”

  1. Hi Jennifer- you don’t know me, but I’m a good friend of Chris & Marykay Lamoureaux’s. Chris sent me your website about the time that your journey started. Chris and I have done a few PCT sectional hikes in Oregon over the years, and have considered a full hike, but the older we get, the less likely that becomes! I just wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoyed reading your blog, the ups and downs, the beautiful photos and the frequently funny comments. Congratulations on finishing the journey! You are in a very amazing club of people and I hope you look back fondly (after the pain is gone and as you sit enjoying your coffee in your warm home…with other creature comforts. You’ve certainly more than earned them!)


    1. Hi Joe, thanks so much for following my journey and for posting the kind words. It brings another dimension of value to my trek to know that you enjoyed hearing about it. Please give Chris and Marykay my best the next time you see them. They are wonderful people. And I hope you and Chris have a chance to get back out to the trail soon – don’t count out a thru-hike just yet! 🙂 ~ Jen

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