Halfway To The Beginning

Last Monday, Mom (my chauffeur to the trailhead) and I left rainy, gray Southwest Washington and headed South on I-5. Yesterday, we arrived in sunny Mariposa, California, a cute little town on Highway 140 with a history as a mining town and a gateway to Yosemite National Park. 

Mural welcoming visitors to town. So cute!

Then today we headed into the park!  I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, as I’ve only seen the iconic images of El Capitan and Half Dome in print and documentaries. This was a great time to go…the weather was mild, the crowds weren’t insane, and the scenery did not disappoint.

Half Dome
Lower Yosemite Falls
El Capitan

Of course, we had to stop at The Majestic Yosemite Hotel to put our feet up on the patio for a bit. The place is gorgeous, and as soon as I win the lottery I’ll come back for a few nights.

The view of the Royal Arches from The Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly The Ahwahnee)

Tomorrow we will hit the road again, but in a few months (if all goes well!) I should be returning to the park, albeit on foot through Tuolumne Meadows on my way to Canada.  See you later, park rangers…

17 Replies to “Halfway To The Beginning”

  1. Have a great time and stay safe!! I’m looking forward to stories and pictures.

  2. I so want to hear about all of it! I’m so impressed that you are doing this! We are all behind you, good walking!

  3. Jen, You sure picked great weather for your Yosemite valley visit. Thanks for offering to share your journey with us. BTY… To paraphrase a quote from the book Mountaineering Freedom of the Hills, If someone has to ask.. why hike the PCT, then they wouldn’t understand the answer. Let the journey begin. Carpe diem..

  4. Beautiful pics; so excited to travel this journey with you! Although I’m mostly excited to do it from the comfort of my home!! Happy Trails to You!

    1. Sue Perrine – Did you used to live on Aldercrest in Kelso WA before the hillside slid away? We lived there from 1977 – 1987 at 314 Aldercrest , across the street and down a few houses from the Perrine residence.

  5. I know you are crazy, but I STILL love you! Find a totem to guard you the whole way.

  6. Just checked out your blog for the first time. Enjoyed reading about your adventures. Admiring your courage, Cuz!

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