Evil Viruses, Trail Angels, and Lucky Charms

“Layin’ sick, honey, on my bed…” ~ Skip James, Sick Bed Blues

I picked up a hitchhiker in Yosemite. A quick visit to an urgent care clinic in Palm Springs revealed my passenger to be a virus of some sort, which means that an upper respiratory infection will be my hiking partner for a little while. I’m hopeful that cold medicine and a sinus rinse (that’s a weirdly addicting practice…) will knock it back soon!  

Last-minute additions to my pack. Ugh.

While I was in the hotel hot tub last night hoping to boil the little virus bastards to death, I happened to meet a man and woman who were taking a break from their 33-mile bicycle trip and we got to talking about hiking, backpacking and outdoorsy things. When I mentioned that I am hoping to thru-hike the PCT, she generously offered to let me stay at her vacation home in Northern California and to help me with my resupply when I get there. People can be so amazing!

Another bright spot in my day was getting a chance to FaceTime with my brother Patrick’s family, who live in the D.C. area. A couple weeks ago, my sister-in-law sent a little Pusheen coin purse for me to bring along as a lucky charm, and also so my niece Olivia can have a fun way to follow it’s journey.  I’m a little superstitious, so I already had a little collection going…

My ‘traveler’ voodoo doll, Catholic medal from Mom, and the Pusheen

…plus, who can say no to this face??

“Aunt Jenny, are you already on your big walk?” ~ Olivia, age 5

So, despite being a little under the weather, I feel a lot of love and good vibes from friends and family, in person and on Facebook, that will help me get going tomorrow! 

6 Replies to “Evil Viruses, Trail Angels, and Lucky Charms”

  1. Jennifer
    I will forward this like to my Nephew. He completed the PCT last year. Very different conditions. He may be a great resource of information . Matt Is his name. A great guy . He lives in Alaska with his wife
    Take Care

  2. Hello my new friend…..hope you are feeling better and regaining strength. Don’t let this get you down…..it is a peaceful way to remind you that you will be adjusting to the bumps on the trail along this journey just as we do in life. Strive on my friend! Find peace under this amazing full moon tonight as you rest.

  3. Looking forward to following every step of your journey…at least till my own starts in July:)

  4. I love your blog Jenny! I hope you are feeling much better soon…How are your feet doing?? I’ll check in again soon to see how things are going. We are being saturated with rain! I got a new rain guage today as a gift and I’m sure it’s full already. Your sunny pictures make me jealous!

  5. Hope you are feeling much better!!!! How great to meet amazing and kind people at the beginning of your journey!!!

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