Day 16: From The Ridge to Riverside

Date: April 25, 2017
Miles 193.6 – 206.8

At home, the windstorms usually die down sometime during the night and the next morning all is calm and it is safe for you to go fetch your garbage can or your front porch furniture from your neighbor’s yard. That was not the case this morning.  The wind was still threatening to turn our campsite into a yard sale so we got out of there as fast as we could and made our way down miles of ridges and switchbacks for approximately an eternity. 

Close to the end of our hike today was a large water tank that we could see for the first time from miles above it. That tank did not get any closer for hours, until suddenly we found ourselves practically on top of it. It felt like a Monty Python sketch. 

From there we walked another mile, and met the wife and daughter of our hiking buddy, Sock Changin’ John, who took us all to their house where we plan to stay for a couple days to resupply, rest up and hang out in the jacuzzi until we can no longer feel the muscles in our legs. 

But first we had to join the other truckloads of hikers that stopped at In & Out Burger in Cabazon. Of course. 

Resting up at the watering hole.
Canadian ramen. With simulated chicken flavor!
Looking back at San Jacinto and the trek down into the valley.