Days 17 & 18: Pit Bulls & Play Time

Dates: April 26 & 27, 2017
Miles: 0

“Is anyone else hungry?” ~ Me, several times a day

I’m not sure if John’s wife knew what it was going to mean to have five dirty, smelly, hungry hikers descend upon her house for two days, but she and her daughter graciously gave up their personal space, let us do laundry and cooked food for us. It was SO deeply appreciated.  Thank you Loyda and Sandy!!

While we were taking the time off, we did our resupply, ate food, mailed some things home, ate food, soaked in the jacuzzi, played with John’s pit bulls, and ate more food. I picked up a new tent at REI since the one I was using had so much unused space in it, even with me and all of my gear. I shaved nearly a pound off of my base weight in the process. Every ounce counts!

I also had time to get to know a hiker that we picked up in Cabazon, Lieutenant Dan (Roi Ben Shoham) from Israel. It was fascinating to hear about his time in the Israeli military, his perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and his travels. He is in his twenties and has an appreciation for life that many of us don’t. 

We’ll be back on the trail bright and early Friday morning!


Joanie and Rocko. Doing what pit bulls do?

I wonder how much a pit bull will add to my base weight?

Four of us have birthdays in May!