Day 24: Creeks For Days

Date: May 3, 2017
Miles: 279.2 – 298.5

“You know what I love about my life right now, man? All I have to think about is where I’m going to camp and what I’m going to eat. So simple.” ~ Lieutenant Dan

Today’s theme was creeks and spending as much time in them as possible.  We packed up and left camp early so we could get some miles in and still have time for all of the breaks we like to fit in to a day. 

The view waking up.

We came to Little Bear Springs Camp which, according to the Guthook phone app, contained a ‘composting privy with an interesting structure,’ but it just looked like a toilet with some walls around it. I used it because it was there and that meant I got to dig one less hole in the forest. 

The toilet in the middle of nowhere.
Some dry and dusty hiking followed, and then we found a shady spot on Holcomb Creek with flat rocks perfect for sitting and the shoes and socks had to come off. 

More dry and dusty hiking happened before we got to the Deep Creek Bridge where we met Splash, a trail angel of sorts who brought a cache of Dr. Pepper and left us with Pringles, Krispy Kreme chocolate donuts, and some of the best homemade chicken soup I’ve ever had. I mixed it with mac n cheese and bacon bits, because why not?

Me on Deep Creek bridge.
Splash and the soup.
Random Calorie Casserole.

We decided that the beach under the bridge was a great place to end the day, so we got some more creek time in, then set up camp and fell asleep to the growing frog chorus. I hoped that the snake I saw swimming in the river wouldn’t get curious about the lump of sleeping bag lying on the beach close to its home.  If it did, I slept right through it.