Day 25: Don’t Miss The Moments For The Miles

Date: May 4, 2017
Miles: 298.5 – 307.9

I think the earth moved a few thousand miles closer to the sun today.

I slept in until nearly 6:30 this morning, thinking that it wouldn’t take long to hike the 9 or so miles to the Deep Creek Hot Springs, which is where we planned to spend the whole day. It was true that it didn’t take long to hike, but it also didn’t take long for the sun to come up and start crisping me like a holiday game hen.

Breakfast in bed.

The creek theme continued, as it was just too hot to resist crawling into every cold body of water we could find.

It was a relief to get to the hot springs and find a cold pool to swim in as well as pools of varying heated degrees. I blew up my air mattress and floated around on it until I was nice and pruny.

We probably could have racked up some miles today (the McDonald’s right off the trail in upcoming Cajon Pass has been calling our names for DAYS), but we figured that we won’t be back this way again and we don’t want to regret missing out on some of the more memorable parts of the trail. It was worth it.

300 miles!

Dinner time. This was the first time that Neal (light blue shirt) ever had ramen noodles.
The ultimate in ultralight – remove the tines from your fork.
Sunburned, sore and happy.

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  1. Jennifer! What a trip, pictures are amazing. Thinking of you and love reading the updates. Keep on keeping on-xoxo Melissa

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