Day 36: On The Trail Again

Date: May 15, 2017
Miles: 454.50 – 478.2

The Canadians and I set out bright and early so we could make the 24 miles from Hiker Heaven to Casa de Luna, but we were quickly distracted by breakfast burritos at the corner diner and bright and early became cloudy and mid-morning.  We did eventually get back on trail after road-walking a few miles. 

The weather forecast called for some rain and wind in the afternoon, but it quickly became clear from the number of clouds in the sky that it was going to rain for most of the day. Sure enough, after about eight miles, drops started falling mid-morning and wind and rain continued off and on all day. California is starting to feel like Washington and I still don’t have rain pants!  

I ran/walked the remaining 16 miles up and down hills, around ridges and under hissing power lines in soggy shorts and shoes until I reached the San Francisquito Highway, where I planned to hitch a ride in to a trail angel’s house called Casa de Luna. I had been feeling anxious about hitching by myself, but by the time I reached the road I had been joined by another hiker, Bananas, and we found a couple named Luke and Nancy waiting at the trailhead to give us a ride in to town. They had Cokes, oranges, first aid supplies, pop tarts and other snacks, and most importantly, the heater running in the car. Amazing. 

They explained during the drive that they are local ultrarunners who are so impressed by thru-hikers that they wanted to help in some way. I wasn’t sure why people who walk the trail would impress people who run it, but I was so grateful for their time that day that I didn’t spend much time analyzing their motivation.  (If you read this someday guys, thank you again! You are awesome!)

We arrived at Casa de Luna and my first thought was that it looked like any number of house parties I had been to in college and that I could either end up passed out face-down in the front yard with cigarette butts stuck in my hair and someone else’s clothes on, or I could get in to warm, dry clothes and go to bed. My second thought was, ooh, there’s nachos!

I set up my tent in a cozy spot in the forest behind the house, got into my dry wool sleep clothes and loaded up a plate of nachos. With a full belly, I retreated back to my tent and slept soundly all night.  No cigarette butts. 

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  1. I am so impressed with the loving care from trail angels you describe. I’ve wondered how thru-hikers keep their spirits up, calories up, clothes clean and at times dry and on and on. Human nature at its absolute best.

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