Days 33-35: Sucked In To The Saufley’s (aka The Band’s Back Together)

Date: May 12-14, 2017
Miles: 444.31 – 454.50 on May 12, then for two days, only the miles necessary to go back and forth from Hiker Heaven to the local Mexican restaurant

Some Background:  Back in Swarthout Canyon, I had temporarily said ‘adios, eh’ to the Canadians and headed in to Wrightwood to resupply. They had picked up resupply boxes at the Best Western in Cajon Pass and didn’t need to come with me.  I also left Paul, Roi and Matthew, who had decided to stay behind in a hotel room in order to wait out the weather (they were nice enough to send pictures from the hot tub while I was out hiking in the snow), so I was on my own until we all met up again here at Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce. I was really happy to see them all again…this hike just isn’t as fun without them.  

Back to the present: I’m going to summarize the last few days so that this post doesn’t drag on forever, but it will probably still be long.  From Acton, we hiked through the Vasquez Rocks. Allen has been talking about this for days because he’s a Star Trek fan and has been dying to recreate the Captain Kirk/Gorn fight scene on location. I’ve now seen the YouTube clip 14 times. It’s the worst fight scene ever. Watch it. 

The rocks were a mesmerizing change of scenery.  All of the hikers slowed down to a regular walk through the rocks to take it all in. 

Right after the rocks, we entered Agua Dulce and immediately stopped at the Sweetwater Bar & Grill to eat and then resupplied at the local grocery store before a trail angel named Sugar Mama gave us a ride to Hiker Heaven. 

Of all the places I’ve stayed so far, Hiker Heaven is my favorite. The Saufleys have trail angeling down to a science…volunteers are there from about 6 in the morning until after dark, they have a tent with computers and a charging station, bath towels and loaner clothes, rides to REI, sign-ups for the shower, and they do your laundry for you. I’ve never looked more ridiculous in borrowed clothing, but my gross hiking clothes looked practically brand new when they were done with them so I have zero complaints. 

We did our best to boost the Agua Dulce economy while we were there by eating at the Mexican restaurant three times, including at their all-you-can-eat Mother’s Day brunch. We all wondered if we could get away with filling our water bladders with horchata. 

A retired Sheriff picked us up in his Gator once to give us a ride there. I asked him if it was legal to cram seven people in a gator and drive them around the city streets, to which he replied, ‘well no, but who’s going to stop me?’  We waved at the current Sheriff as we drove past his house. Lovely people live in Agua Dulce. 

The rest of the time at Hiker Heaven was spent socializing, being clean, wandering around with the chickens and getting some puppy love. Sugar Mama made a red velvet cake so we could celebrate Roi’s birthday and it was so delicious.  All in all it was a great break.

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  1. Man I bet a friendly dog is just the best after getting beat up by the trail. Chickens maybe not so much.

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