Day 57: Buzzed In The Sierra

Date: June 5, 2017
Miles: 730.8 – 744.51 

We had a couple big hills to climb today but they weren’t as lung-busting as I thought they were going to be, and the reward at the top was an expansive view of Owens Valley. 

Matthew, Roi and I took a break to enjoy the view and to wait for Katie and Connor, and within a few minutes we were buzzed by a fighter jet that flew over our heads, tipped its wings in our direction and sped down the canyon in front of us into the valley. It was awesome! 

Our destination for the evening was Horseshoe Meadows campground, where we hoped to get a ride in to Lone Pine to resupply.  We were worried that we weren’t going to find many people there, but as soon as we walked in to the parking lot, a man asked us if we wanted a ride in to town. Lucky for us!  

How to fit six hikers and their packs in a compact car…

The first thing we did was head to McDonalds for a 50 piece box of chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers, and then we crammed six hikers into a room at the Dow Villa Hotel.  Tomorrow will be a busy and quick resupply day so we can work on getting a hitch back up to the campground and back on trail. 

Connor and Roi creating Titanic: the Sierras