Day 58: Resupply Madness

Date: June 6, 2017
Miles: 744.51 – 750.95 

Resupply days can be so stressful. All hikers really want is to able to walk, eat and sleep…the simple, uncomplicated things. And we also want to stuff our faces with food when we get to towns. But a day in town usually means buying groceries, picking up packages, maybe buying new gear, doing laundry, getting clean, etc. Which is what we did today.  I ran errands all over Lone Pine, picked up food at the post office, bought a bunch of stuff at the gear shops, went to the grocery store, had breakfast and lunch at the all you can eat lunch buffet at the pizza place. 

Shiny new shoes. Spoiler alert: Altra says they’re waterproof. They’re not.

We quickly hitched a ride back to Horseshoe Meadows and headed up Cottonwood Pass to get back to the trail. We got a chance to use our crampons and ice axes for the last stretch. 

Our driver, Richard (I think?). All of his siblings in California and Washington like to help hikers.

Shiny, clean and ready to start sweating again!

We camped at the frozen Chicken Spring Lake, which is located in the Inyo National Forest and the Golden Trout Wilderness. A flock of birds entertained us with their never ending quest to find our crumbs. A really bold male romanced more than one of the ladies right at the feet of our sleeping bags, and on that note we all hit the hay. 

Setting up camp at Chicken Spring Lake.
The avian Casanova.

“Bear Cans at Sunset.”