Day 70: Sierra City

Date: June 18, 2017 
Miles: 1184.7 – 1195.4 

Pollen coated my tent and everything in it this morning with a fine, staticky yellow dust.  While I was cleaning it off of my pack, I discovered that a spider had made a good sized home inside of the brain pocket, who knows how long ago. He pooped on me when I made him relocate. Oh nature…I totally get why we invented houses. 

I had the breakfast of champions after I got everything packed up – a giant honey bun and coffee flavored with brownie mix. Champions with diabetes and high cholesterol, perhaps, but champions nonetheless.  I walk so fast after I have this combo. About as fast as my heart beats. 

Matthew added butter to his honey bun…good lord.

 The walking today made my feet so happy. The trail was relatively flat and cushioned with scented pine needles, shade trees were plentiful and the rivers had bridges for crossing.  

We took a side trail in to Sierra City and the closer we got to town, the higher the temperature went. Sierra City is a cute little town just a few blocks long.  We stopped at the Red Moose Cafe for lunch and chatted with the owner for a while. He was really friendly, offering us little bottles of shampoo and soap for the public shower, which was freezing cold…but free!

We resupplied at the super expensive store and hung out on the porch there with other hikers like Orca and a guy named Cougar Bait so that we could use the wifi and pass the time. 

Six Tastykakes CAN constitute a meal.

Katie and Connor caught up with us there later in the day and we all camped behind the local Lutheran church, which offered a free place to tent.  Small towns like these along the trail have been so amazingly accommodating…I have been grateful for their generosity. 

Hikers can find any electrical outlet.