Day 141: All The Baked Goods Redux

Date: August 28, 2017
Miles: 2569.4 – 2574.3

This morning I had a ridiculously expensive breakfast at the lodge, picked up my box of food at the post office, caught a bus back to the bakery and hung out there all afternoon. I didn’t waste the opportunity…I ate pizza, quiche, pie, iced coffee, ice cream (which I dropped down my shirt and into my lap, necessitating a ‘shower’ from the outside water spigot), and a brownie sundae, then took a sticky bun and a kuchen to go.

We took the last bus back to the trailhead and headed out six miles to the Bridge Creek campground, one of two allowable campsites on the PCT within the 16 mile stretch inside the Chelan National Park. Mice ran around the perimeter of our dinner circle as we discussed some of our favorite childhood movies with mice in them.