Day 147: Finally…the Sierras

Date: September 8, 2017
Miles: 7.6 miles from Onion Valley trailhead to the PCT; 788.9 – 802.6

It took less than a week for my body to forget what it’s like to be on trail. I was sluggish and my legs and my lungs objected to going over both Kearsarge Pass and Glen Pass. I wasn’t too tired to notice the difference in the scenery between June and now, though…so much less snow! Continue reading “Day 147: Finally…the Sierras”

Day 144: I Can See Canada From Here

Date: August 31, 2017
Miles: 2619.5 – 2643.7

I don’t really know what to say about today. I was so content to be walking for another day amongst row after row of mountain peaks, ‘meep’ing pikas and whistling marmots, and dense forest that smelled of incense. I was excited at the thought of reaching the Canadian border the next day, and also reluctant to let this part of the journey with this group of friends end. Continue reading “Day 144: I Can See Canada From Here”

Day 143: Strollin’ With My Homies

Date: August 30, 2017
Miles: 2598.4 – 2619.5

We only had 21 miles to hike today in order to reach our planned destination, Hart’s Pass, and it was beyond lovely to be able to sleep in and then hike at a relaxed pace, take long breaks and enjoy scenery.  The next time I go backpacking, I’m hiking 10 miles or less, and I’m going to set up camp in one place for days. DAYS. Continue reading “Day 143: Strollin’ With My Homies”

Day 142: Smokey Bear Just Quit

Date: August 29, 2017
Miles: 2574.3 – 2598.4 “Let’s crush it! Slowly.” Fluffy

I had a dream last night that I was camped by myself on a cliff ledge surrounded by spindly trees, and any move that I would have made would have sent me over the edge. When I woke up, my brain took a while to adjust to reality, so I laid in my quilt motionless for a minute, staring out into the dark morning trying to figure out where the heck I was and if a cliff was involved. I finally turned my head to the other side of my tent, saw Fluffy and Joe Dirt’s tents and remembered that I was in a campground. Not on a ledge about to fall to my death. What a way to wake up! Continue reading “Day 142: Smokey Bear Just Quit”

Day 141: All The Baked Goods Redux

Date: August 28, 2017
Miles: 2569.4 – 2574.3

This morning I had a ridiculously expensive breakfast at the lodge, picked up my box of food at the post office, caught a bus back to the bakery and hung out there all afternoon. I didn’t waste the opportunity…I ate pizza, quiche, pie, iced coffee, ice cream (which I dropped down my shirt and into my lap, necessitating a ‘shower’ from the outside water spigot), and a brownie sundae, then took a sticky bun and a kuchen to go. Continue reading “Day 141: All The Baked Goods Redux”

Day 140: All The Baked Goods

Date: August 27, 2017
Miles: 2546.6 – 2569.4

“Just because I hike doesn’t mean I like walking.” Thunderfluff

I had one thing on my mind when I woke up at 5 am this morning – getting to Stehekin as soon as possible so I could eat as many delicious things as possible at the Stehekin Pastry Company.  Fluffy and I both got up earlier than usual so we could book it in to the High Bridge Ranger Station to catch the 3 pm bus to town. I felt like I was trying to hike through quicksand most of the day, but I made it. So did Fluffy and JD. Continue reading “Day 140: All The Baked Goods”